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I guess my question is Why does 64 bit floating point precision matter in a player? What are these apps doing that itunes is not? I have gone A-B on a bunch of different tracks and heard differences each time so I know it's not my imagination. I am interested in learning why I'm hearing what I'm hearing.

Joined: Dec 8, That would make an even nicer difference for you. Feb 19, at PM. Joined: Feb 4, Joined: Oct 26, Location: San Diego. Posts: 1, I just tried Fidelia again and compared against Amarra Mini. Amarra still won. It's just has something to do with the texture of the bass and the layering.

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I feel the music more with Amarra. It's the same issue I have with Pure Music. Some players are better at dynamics, soundstage, or clarity.

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I was ready to buy Fidelia if it sounded the same. Somehow this weird looping bug on Amarra is getting worse to the point I'm ready to stop using it. Might have to stick with Decibel until it's fixed. It's just the last 10 seconds of the track start to loop when cache mode is on. Don't have this problem in any other player. Edit: Oh, I didn't have Decibel in memory mode or exclusive access. Now it sounds just as good as Amarra without the bugs. Joined: Jan 14, Has anyone experiencing music sound at a lower volume when using Fidelia?

I seem to turn up the volume on my amp to get a decent listening level. Joined: Jan 1, It's a system wide EQ app that works in the background and has many tweaks like up to 96 band EQ, 3D effects, Limiter, Fidelity changes, and a whole lot of other things. It goes fairly deep in sound in how you'd like to change your sound.

I just got it and the settings are a bit overwhelming. I just wanted to know if any of you Mac users have tried this EQing method.

Joined: Sep 30, Posts: 10, Joined: Oct 7, The lack of playlists and sort functionality with Vox and Decibel decides me to stick with iTunes. Thanks, that script wil be pretty handy. Joined: Jan 4, Location: Fukuoka, Japan. Posts: 16, Likes: 9, I ended up paying for Fidelia and selling Amarra Mini. The only thing Fidelia needs for me is to recognise the folders I have in my playlists, and for me to get the remote app for my iPhone for when I use it in my speaker rig.

Compressed pop isn't going to benefit much and I wouldn't bother with mp3s. The search function is very quick and powerful and once you've found what you're looking for you can apply a number of actions like simply launching it, emailing or moving. What's more Quicksilver adapts to the file it finds, so if it's a document you'll get to modify or send it, and if it's an email you'll get to email or copy it.

Quicksilver users also like the fact that the application learns from what you search to bring up what you search for or use most. Jan 1, 1, 42 Portugal. Is anyone interested in providing me with links to software to back up on the server? If so, I'll be glad to back them up and share them accordingly. Last edited: Jul 14, JobsFan macrumors a. Jan 27, Columbus. I can mail you my iWork '09 trial DVD, since you can't download it anymore. Starfighter macrumors a.

Jun 17, 26 Sweden.

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I just downloaded the link you supplied and it is intel only. Mar 26, 3 Michigan, USA. JobsFan said:.

Seth Mac Fan macrumors regular. Jul 18, 0.

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Very good idea , Power PC macs are still usable today even if apple does not think so. That'd be great. I just wonder if Apple would frown upon me hosting that. Maybe you should backup carbon copy cloner 3. If you need tell me I will share. GermanyChris macrumors Jul 3, 4, 2 Here.

GermanyChris said:. It now sort of annoys me that I donated. InuNacho macrumors Apr 24, 1, In that one place. Here's a few I like. Feb 13, 1 Northwest Kansas.

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The Google earth 7 link to download the actual button on the google earth page, if im making sense sends you to v8, not 7. Zeke D macrumors Nov 18, 1, Arizona. Jan 26, 1. Is this server online yet, or are you still acquiring the applications and media at this time? Just curious, I would like to check it out.

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Well, some has been mentioned but no helpful links. Adium 1. Jul 1, 3, 1, Vancouver Island. Starfighter said:. Tenfourbird I don't have it online yet. I wanted to have a good supply of applications up beforehand.