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Early in February, Jacel's brother Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram led a group of armed followers of the Sulu Sultan went to Sabah to assert their claim of the land and engaged Malaysian forces in a standoff there. The standoff lasted almost three weeks until a deadly shootout on March 1 prompted Malaysia to conduct offensives in Lahad Datu starting March 5.

Malaysia has since rejected the sultan's offer of a unilateral ceasefire and demanded that Kiram's followers surrender unconditionally.

Kesultanan Filipina Tuntut Malaysia Kembalikan Wilayah Sabah

Junior Member 39 posts Joined: Jun Senior Member posts Joined: Apr From: here and there. Mereka mendapat maklumat, pergerakan ketenteraan Indonesia dengan sejumlah Penembak Tepat turut dibawa bertujuan untuk mengawal perairan Indonesia daripada dimasuki oleh pengganas-pengganas Sulu ini. Nampaknya, saki baki pengganas Sulu ini tidak dapat bergerak lebih jauh. Mereka terpaksa mengharapkan paya bakau dan bukit bukau di ladang sawit untuk bersembunyi dan bergerak dalam kumpulan yang kecil.

Perairan menuju ke pulau-pulau berhampiran di sempadan Filipina sudah di kawal ketat. Raja Azumuide dan kumpulannya hanya ada satu pilihan Menyerah tanpa syarat!. Read latest posts or hide this alert.

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My advice is to lay off the vodka. Mar 18 , AM Show posts by this member only Post Casual Junior Member posts Joined: Aug Handau Unit..!? The dog to be use for airscenting and trailing.. I think. This post has been edited by waveweaver : Mar 18 , AM. Menyerah tanpa syarat! While it was not a surprise that these terrorists were willing to kill our security forces to achieve their ill intention, the brutality of their actions was unexpected. However, what they never expected was the strong response that our security forces displayed in defending the honour and sovereignty of our nation.

While Kampung Tanduo has been cleared of terrorists, we must not be lulled into a sense that the crisis is over. We may have won the battle, but the war still goes on. Before we continue our vigilance against any future intrusion, we should identify who the key players are and how they are reacting to the intrusion.

While there are other groups that have certain level of influence over the population in southern Philippines, most could not muster sufficient force and influence to be considered as key players.

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For the sake of simplicity, we will not look into how the current Philippine government and its predecessors weigh in on the issue. Their stance has been consistent, that the Sabah issue is on the backburner and their actions are constrained by the Philippine Constitution which explicitly barred the nation from using war as an instrument of foreign policy. The same constraint, however, does not apply to the rebels who are the main players in southern Philippines. We will examine them one by one.

Posted by Berita dari gunung at PM Links to this post. Pertabalan Sultan Sulu baru dijangka 2 April Dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai, Sultan Sulu yang baru akan ditabal pada 2 April tidak lama lagi. Anwar dan Nik Aziz difahamkan telah mengesahkan kesahihan berita berkenaan dari gaya yang telah ditunjuk. Belum pasti rupa tengkolok mana nak pakai Belum pasti rupa tengkolok mana nak pakai Belum pasti rupa tengkolok mana nak pakai Terpulanglah untuk percaya, tepuk dada tanya selera. Posted by Berita dari gunung at AM Links to this post.

Anwar naik dalam dunia politik dengan menyepak ramai ke tepi. Mungkin perlu diingatkan peristiwa team wawasan yang dibina Anwar tetapi untuk diruntuhkan tiangnya satu demi satu. Namun ada juga yang ingin tahu tentang Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad. Persepsi seperti ini akan terus berlegar dan tentu sukar untuk dipadam. Jan 5, Labels: tan sri yahya ahmad. Kalau berani boleh berdebat disana I knew from Day 1 that the party was devoid of any integrity but for it to stoop to this extent is just mind boggling.

When I say A-Z, it means from meeting the forensic and DNA experts to reviewing of the documents to finding case laws for his submissions. I was involved in everything. I do not wish to mention the name of the lawyer here as I revere him as my mentor and I do not wish to drag him into this frustration and anger pouring of mine. Why Anwar never took the stand? Anwar claimed that he was never offered a fair trial.

The truth is he was never brave enough to take the stand. He was never going to withstand the questions that were about to be put forward to his now ally Datuk Yusof. If you Pakatanians have doubts, why not ask him these questions and get valid, acceptable and not logically challenging answers for it. Fearing that Anwar will not be able to withstand the onslaught by the Prosecution, the defence team then decided to ask him not to take stand uder the pretext that he was not offered a fair trial. Anwar excelled in conning, deceiving and cheating the public by assuming a Mandela like persona.

He is no Mandela, merely a good con artist. Fund for the overseas experts. The surprising factor here is why no one has ever questioned the fees that were involved in paying the forensic experts, Dr Brian Macdonald and Dr David Wells. Contrary to what the general public have been made to believe, they were paid hefty sums to defend him.

When they were here, they stayed in Shang-ri La Hotel for a number of days. Where did the money to pay the hotels come from? Did Anwar pay from his own pocket?

BERITA TERKINI - Kronologi Pencerobohan Lahad Datu

No, he does not even pay his lawyers. So, he had very rich Datuks funding him. I do know the name of the Datuk, but for the reasons known close to me I will not disclose the name.

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The problem is if PKR can throw questions as to the wedding expenditure of the Prime Minister, why not question where the money to pay these experts came from? The only thing I can say is that the reason he was denied justice is that the Investigating Officer, Jude Perreira, ignored the protocols told to him by Jabatan Kimia and decided to do his things his own way.

Malaysia Flip Flop: March

I will write a full piece on this soon. This drama itself deserves a full piece write up. However, due to a break in chain of evidence and the question mark over the integrity of the samples, the evidence was not used. Conclusion for Part 1. Anwar is a consummate liar. I really hope he sues me so that I can prove in Court what I have just mentioned.

Remember Anwar Ibrahim, I grew up adoring you. I know your modus operandi and I aspired to be you. Sue me please. Let the public watch Anwar vs Anwar clone which is me in action. I have all of them saved.

Chronology of Lahad Datu intrusion

Come get me! Labels: anwar ibrahim.

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By Nile Bowie. At least 52 militants have been killed, in addition to several Malaysian policemen who were reportedly mutilated by the insurgents; reports claim that militants sent an e-mail message to Malaysian authorities that included images of beheaded police officers. The Sultanate insists that Sabah is its homeland, and it will not budge on its claims over the territory even if its personnel are killed in the standoff. British colonialists leased the land from the Sultanate and eventually annexed Sabah in before turning over the disputed territory to the Federation of Malaysia in At the time, the Philippines contested the transfer, claiming that the British did not possess the authority to transfer ownership to Malaysia.

The British and the Malaysian authorities responded by asking the United Nations to conduct a referendum which came to the conclusion that two-thirds of the population of Sabah favoured joining Malaysia. The Malaysian government also began paying small annual payments to the heirs of the sultanate as compensation for their cession of the land, an arrangement that has continued to the present day. Malaysia originally took a soft approach on the Filipinos militants by offering them the opportunity to lay down their arms and leave peacefully, leading many to criticize the government and security forces for allowing the militants to penetrate Malaysian territory.

Prime Minister Najib Razak authorized intense retaliatory strikes, calling for the total surrender of militants.