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The fan is there to provide cooling. If it is nice and cool the fan doesn't need to be running as much, if it detects the tempature is rising, it will try and increase the speed of the fan and if this is ineffective it will continue to try this until the fan reaches the maximum output. This is the nature of laptops.


You therefore have 3 options: 1: Stop worrying about it because it's just a fan. You can buy USB devices that plug in to your laptop, and you set the laptop on the device and the device blows air at the bottom of the laptop in an attempt to help cool it further. I also know a guy who takes ice packs and sets his laptop on top of them, but I think that's silly and excessive. When CS tells you it can run on mac it was not talking about macbook air.

Sims 4 making brand new MacBook Pro overheat! - Answer HQ

Even if you meet specs does not mean that it is ideal. Expect fan. I have macbook pro and am constantly searching for games that do not heat becasue it is annoying. One by one I am trying them and mostly every one get so hot it almost melts, and fan roaring Even games that you would not think would produce heat It is a gamble These thing were not made for gaming.

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Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 3 May, am. Re: Mac Pro fan noise loud lately Quote 6 Sat May 11, pm fuzzfilth wrote: What if the machine is just gunked up with dust inside?

Fan Issue. Simple solutions are the best. But, I have noticed that the fan still runs a lot when the machine is sitting idle and Screensaver is running.

When I stop Screensaver the fan stops running. Not sure why since I don't recall it doing this in the past and my other Mac Pro does not behave in the same manner. Anyone experienced this before? It is definitely related to the Screensaver.

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When the machine is sitting idle and Screensaver is NOT running the fans are very quiet. When Screensaver becomes activated either automatically by timing out or manually by using the hotspot the fans rev up quite loud. When Screensaver is deactivated, the fans quiet down again.

I found a thread online that one user said it was a specific Screensaver Flurry in his case and when he changed the Screensaver to another preset his fan issue went away. No such luck for me.

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  • It doesn't matter which Screensaver I select, they all trigger the fans. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this further? Re: Mac Pro fan noise loud lately Quote 12 Mon Aug 19, pm fuzzfilth wrote: Let go of the 90s amd disable the screen saver.

    Rekordbox 4.1 causes Macbook Pro fan to run loud & computer hot, battery depletion?

    Screen savers are not necessary for today's monitors. The computer should turn it off automatically. My mac pro turns off the old 23 inch apple display that I have on its own. No screen saver. And we're talking 10 year old tech.