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Vagrant-Manager helps you manage all your virtual machines in one place directly from the menubar. Now create a test directory and cd into the test directory. Then we'll initialize the vagrant machine. White Sepia Night. Vagrant Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.

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Lets start by using ls to look around your computer. Try typing ls into the command line and pressing enter. The computer will reply with a list of names. These names are the names of files and folders in the directory you are currently in. Whenever you open up a new command line, you start in your home directory, which is the directory that generally contains all of your files. Well, that's nice.

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But what if we want to go someplace else? That's what cd is for. Try entering this command:. Remember, to press enter once you have finished typing. The computer will not reply, but you are now sitting in your Documents directory. You can test this by running ls again: the list of names will be different. So where do we go from here? How do we know which of these names are folders that we can go into and which are files that we can't? For that, we need more information from the ls command.

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Let's give it the -F flag to tell us about files and folders. You will notice that this time, some of the names that the computer returns to you will have a slash after them. These names are folders: the rest are files. You can always cd into a folder by running cd with the folder name as an argument, as long as you can see that folder with ls -F.

When you're done looking in folders, it's time to go back up. But how? Luckily, every folder contains a hidden link back up.

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To see these hidden links, we will use the -a flag for ls to see all. There are at least two hidden links in every folder. In fact, you can give the ls command multiple flags, like so:. If you run this command, you will notice that the. To go back up a folder, you can always run:. Remember that if you ever get lost in the computer, you can run pwd to see where you are. Computer programmers are lazy. Because they are lazy, they invented some techniques to do more with less work. Here are some of those techniques:. Whenever you need to type out a location in an argument for example, in the cd command , you don't have to type out the whole thing: the first few letters will do.

Once you've typed three or four letters, press the tab key, and the command line will fill in the rest for you!

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For example, if you are in your home directory, and you type cd Desk and then press the tab key, the command line will automatically complete the command to read cd Desktop! You can also use this if you find yourself mistyping folder names: tab autocompletion will always fill it in correctly. The command line has a few shortcuts built in.

For example, to see your previously typed command, just press the up button. It compiles packages and handles all the dependencies for you. For example, one app might rely on two others to work properly. Rather than installing those other apps yourself, Homebrew installs them and configures them to work with your requested app without any issues.

You can browse a big list of available commands on the Homebrew formulae page. And use the following commands for more options:. With this simple script, you can install and manage many apps without needing to download them individually and go through the typical drag-and-drop routine. The second Cask command is intended for installing alternate versions of Casks. For example, they include betas, development versions of browsers you might want to install, latest versions of legacy open source apps, and more.

This syntax will tell you commands that Cask supports. The most frequently used commands you need to remember are:. If you ever forget a command, type in brew cask to see the list. You can also take a printout of the manual page and open it in the Preview app. For example, the below string will open the manual page for brew cask in Preview:.

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  4. You probably have a list of frequently used apps you install on every new Mac. Instead of doing so individually, you can install those apps through Cask. To search for an app, use this syntax:. As you might know, Firefox supports many different release channels.

    Mozilla uses these channels to slowly roll out updates to users, starting with daily Nightly builds to more Stable builds. If you want to install Nightly build of Firefox, you would type:. Sometimes, you might not remember a particular app name. Thankfully, you just need to enter some relevant keywords and Cask will search for apps that contain them. The below screenshot shows what happens when you enter this command:.

    The app gets uninstalls completely with no traces left behind.