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Yes, so act stupid in this game and get all the attention that you want.

Download Troll Face Quest Video Games 2 for PC AND MAC

Sound extremely amazing right? One of the most common questions which people ask is that how does this game work.

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  • Troll Face Quest Video Games!

Well, to be honest, this game works based on the decisions you take. Every level will comprise of a number of troll face characters, including your character as well.

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Moreover, you will be given a task to do in every level. However, no one knows that how you can perform that task! Yes, that is the beauty of this game. You will have a number of ways in which you can do that task.

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  • Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky for PC AND MAC.

However, the combination of the stupidest and most unexpected decisions will make you win this game. You cannot move on to the next level before you have completed the current one. So are you ready to test that how crazy and dumb your mind can get? Well then download Trollface Mission Android App for PC right away and start enjoy all the fantabulous features which it offers. The hilarious animations at the end of every level as well as the expressions of the characters bring a smile on your face.

So laugh out loud with this amazing application and show the world how cool you are. Yes, the game is built upon the foundations of certain artistic pictures and animations, which are unique in their own way. Every character you witness in this game will comprise of a funny expression and will surely make you laugh. Every action you do will affect the things on the screen and will either lead to your defeat or victory.

Moreover, there are also interesting sound effects which accompany this game. These sound effects add a touch of perfection to this game and make it livelier as well as funnier to play. All the things including doors, pots, plants and many more which appear on the screen are totally artistic drawings which ensure that the theme of this game is maintained. So if you are really looking forward to playing a unique and different game, then you must try out Trollface mission. Every level will provide you with a lot of tools and scenarios from which you can choose the one which suits you the best.

There is a rare chance that you will be able to finish a particular level on the first attempt. This is why you will be required to choose from a number of weapons or tools.

However, the tricky part is that only one of that weapon will actually be useful for you in this game. So choose it wisely to ensure that you do not lose the game.


This fun-filled game comes with lots of levels filled with excitement and hilarious characters. Every level comes with a different scenario which will level you thinking. Yes, you will have to use your brain in the dumbest possible way in every single level.

There are basically 20 different levels in this game which you will be required to clear in order to finish Trollface Mission Android App on PC. Step 1: When Winter comes, the trolling undead walk freely. Prepare for the ultimate trolling battle by slipping on some yellow anti-trolling jumpsuits and by hiring a crooked lawyer just in case you need a quick get-out-of-troll-jail card. Ring any bells? This nonsensical world of baffling puzzles will have you banging your head against the wall. If you let it get to you, these crazy levels of non-stop trolling will have you admitted to a loony bin in no time. Try to keep your cool and beat the relentless trolls at their own game! Are you sane enough to endure such trolling pain?

Find out when you troll or get trolled. Wonderful,awesome,puzzling,funny this game is for anyone who loves to be made laugh and I'm one of them I could never be bored of this.

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It would have been a better game if there werent so many adds. I loved the game in general but my game made me watch so many adds.. Just a big waste of my time in my opinion.

I deleted the app. App Store Preview.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description The ultimate pranking game is back with a new victim of choice: Jun 18, Version 1. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.