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Milliways Milliways 3, 12 35 Also, adding -l will show details probably more than you need about each of the devices: Fri Sep 19 If you just want the device names, you can filter the basic list to trim the junk: Gordon Davisson Gordon Davisson Is there a convenient way to use this information to mount a device? I have a nook that ioreg shows as connected, but diskutil list does not show it. Is there any info from ioreg that I could use to mount the nook? I'm not familiar with nooks, so I'm not sure how they're supposed to show up on a Mac.

As I understand it, mounting it will require a device drive that recognizes it as something disk-line should the standard USB driver do this? I'm not familiar enough with the driver system to know how to check this, but I don't think ioreg can tell you what you want to know.

Run this command: I tried all of the previous recommendations in this thread and I still can't "find" the USB that I plugged in. I've used this USB many times before and this is the first time that it doesn't show up when I open my Finder window. Did you get any other information on what to do to find your USB? This is a recent problem that just started happening--it's never happened to me before and I've been using Mac for about 2 years now. Jun 23, Go to Disk Utility, in your Utilities folder in Applications, and see if it is listed there.

How to Access a USB Drive on a Router on a Mac

If it is try mounting it in Disk Utility. Jan 2, 9: Jan 7, 3: I have a dbtech slider scanner connected via USB that I am trying to use and my Macbookair does not see it in devices.

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Devices does list however a remote disc that I do not have connected. Is this a similar problem to others listed or how do I resolve? Jan 22, 2: I have a similar problem with my Macbook Pro. I can connect the Iphone, edit content via Itunes and it opens Iphoto. The Lumia also opens Iphoto but I can't see any photos that are on it. Both charge and show some sign of acknowledging the connection. I have used a USB Stick I'm not technical sorry with the laptop before and set up a printer but I have never been able to find any external media devices Iphone, Android phone, Windows phone, Ipod nano through finder or on my desktop when they have been connected.

Then I try to find to find them both in finder. When I open the disk Utility app, there are 3 items on the left hand menu: Then under those is a greyed out SuperDrive. The Iphone has definitely worked with a Windows laptop before and as I said, I just can't find the devices in Finder. Sorry if my description is a bit erratic, i was trying all the fixes people have suggested here as I wrote it to make sure I didn't fix it.

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Any help would be appreciated otherwise it may be a trip to the apple store on saturday. Jul 28, 4: Okay I was having the same problem too, where I opened the Disk Utilities and nothing was there. What I simply did was downloaded an Android file transfer for Mac. The Android file transfer will show on the left hand side of the Finder window and it will also come up when the device is connected to the Mac. You can go here to download. Feb 6, 3: Page content loaded.

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Now this is what i figured out. Now this is what i did; i had Finder opened and so i dragged the USB device from Disk Utilites into the left hand side of the Finder window, and then it was visible.

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Feb 6, 7: You are quite welcome! I'm glad my midsummer post helped out! Makes me feel like helping out here again.

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Jan 3, Apple's USB tips. Here's Macfixit's version. Jul 25, I am having this problem too. Opened the Disk Utilities but everything is grayed out and I can't click on anything.