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The description says that it is compatible with Mac, but when I plug it in, the cd drive does not appear on my desktop. The disk slot only opens if the cd drive is connected to a laptop, and once connected to my laptop I am able to insert and remove DVDs etc: it's just nor appearing in my desktop or anything. The drive does recognise the laptop as it powers up and am able to insert and remove CDs etc, but my Mac is not registering it.

Reading the reviews on Amazon, some other customers have used it with Mac perfectly fine Thanks Khafsa :. When in the finder, hit command comma to bring up the finder prefs and make sure that "CD's and DVD's" is checked to show on the desktop. Another thing to check is to see if it's even showing up in the "Computer" folder of the finder. With a disk inserted, hit command, shift, C to go to the root of the computer. Here is where you'll see any drives that are connected and accessible. Check and see if the drive is there. If this doesn't work, head over to disk utility.

From the finder, hit command, shift, U to bring up utilities and select "Disk Utility. Hopefully, this will show the drive.

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If this doesn't work, any diagnostics from here on out is far above my head. I hope someone can chime in and continue to point you in the right direction. Hopefully, this at least gives you a few beginning steps to try before moving on to the really geeky stuff. Good luck. I remembered that for some high power consuming devices, Mac OS requires the laptop is plugged in before it will provide enough power for the external device to run properly.

I disconnected the DVD drive, connected my laptop to the power adapter, rebooted just to be safe The famous tech support mantras prevail again, "Have you tried turning it on and off again? You probably have it solved by now but it's good to have this up here for reference since this thread was the first resource I found on google for the problem.

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I registered for this site specifically so that I could leave a reply saying how incredibly useful your post was. Like you I had the same problem and googled - the original question popped up and I checked the Finder settings etc. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

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Silent Play. The Silent Play technology helps reduce noise during playback by recognizing different multimedia and automatically adjusting the playback speed according to its criteria for optimal performance. Super Multi Compatibility. LG Super Multi Compatibility optical drives can read and write different types of disc formats in one convenient package. Mini USB.

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Provides easy connection with Mini USB cable. No additional power source needed. Slim Style. The overall slim design of only 0.

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It allows for a sleek companion to thin Ultrabooks and enhanced portability. Print Download Spec Sheet. CD-ROM ms typ. What people are saying Rated 5 out of 5 by paul1park from slim and powerful i purchased this product an year ago and have been happy with it. Date published: But when i put a blank M disk in the drive wont show up on my computer. What dose "support" mean? I guess "supports M Disk" means somthing else. Rated 3 out of 5 by debbyowl12 from Stopped Working I got this 5 months ago for school work. I plugged it in today and it won't turn on anymore.

I am disappointed in this product and in LG. See All Reviews. We're here to support you with our product. Warranty Information View manufacturer warranty information Learn more. These discs are very popular and widespread. And for high-quality and high-resolution video, backup copies of your operation system, or data storage Blu-ray discs will be more suitable. Large storage space of such discs will handle these tasks best. It stands to reason that different types of discs require different drive types with different technologies.

But such drive will not read a Blu-ray disc. Choose a Blu-ray supporting drive, and any of the types we mentioned above will be accessible to you. Manufacturers usually indicate it by numbers with an "x" letter.

Superior data protection with M-DISCâ„¢ Support

The "1x" speed of a DVD disc means 1. A 6x Blu-ray will burn a standard disc in 15 minutes. June 28, Leave a comment as or Logout. In this case, external drives come to help us. Read more Read less. BEST Best Pick. Check Price on Amazon. Reading Speed. Writing Speed. Buffer Memory. Reasonable Price. The device supports the M-Disk format, so you can store your data as long as you need. Sometimes you may need to press the button more than once to open the tray. It can be set either horizontally or vertically, so you will have no problem with placing it regardless of the space you have.

You might need to sometimes wipe the shimmering surface. And its stylish diamond-cut design won't let you just pass by. DVD - 4x to 8x CD - 10x to 24x. DVD - 5x to 8x CD - 16x to 24x. You will not be worrying about the connection cord, as the cord in this USB external CD drive is an integral part of the body. The housing is made of aluminum and is scratch-resistant. This Mac external CD drive is only supported by the Apple devices.

outhanlinecna.ga DVD - 6x to 8x CD - 16x to 24x. An external DVD drive in a traditional Apple style, square with straight lines and rounded corners The housing is aluminum Placed horizontally No disc tray, it is a slot-loading drive. Dell DW Height Dell DW 0.

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What customers say about this product. Key Specs. Average speed tested on a Dell Inspiron i5 2. Exactly what I needed. One thing I had to figure out was that you need to find an app that will play your movie as well. Was not a problem and I rather like the format of the app so yay.

The Speed Adjustment technology provides automatic correction of the read speed depending on the content type. In addition, the Tilt Actuator Compensation technology allows you to write your data even on a slightly deformed media the technology adjusts the correct position of the lens to get a stable burning on the entire surface. Buffer Memory Dell DW 0.