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How to Use Automatic Login on Mac OS X

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Share this information on the internet and contribute to a safer and better online experience for everyone. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Yep, I use automatic login. Even my headless Mac Mini is configured for automatic login, so apps like Arq and iTunes can operate.

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Maybe, if I could arrange for a password prompt to appear when I press a key, without automatically locking it, I would desire no automatic login. You might as well just start leaving your car unlocked too.

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  5. Anyone who is too lazy to enter a password to access their computer should not having one. What if you work alone in a safe room eg at a bank where not even a cleaning lady comes in? Never seen that happen, the tellers in my bank are even require a login even when they walk away fro their terminal for 15 seconds to get a customers cash withdrawal from the central cash dispensing machineā€¦. Name required.

    Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Sebby says:. You will then be able to change the Automatic login setting.


    Screenshot I had already done that, it still wont let me. Reactions: CristiC. Mar 13, 40 Wisconsin. Don't have that option, there's a weird grey box there too. Looks like a UI glitch. That's very strange. Have you submitted a bug report yet? Mine shows up, and you can uncheck it but then it leads to this and gives no options in the 'automatically log in as' drop down. Aug 30, You betcha, with screenshots and all. Bug report submitted.

    Feb 16, 1, 73 USA. Jul 10, 1 0. Automatic Login Fixed Here was the fix I used. Funny, Apple doesn't seem to think it's an issue Not sure how being logged into iCloud on my Mac has anything to do with autologin when starting my computer or waking from sleep. Then, when going into Security and Privacy the "Disable automatic login" checkbox does not even appear. Sometimes a grey box appears in its spot, sometimes nothing at all.

    Steps to Reproduce: No steps, it's always like that. Restart doesn't help.


    How to set up automatic login on Mac

    Expected Results: Automatic login should be enabled, no password upon boot up. Actual Results: Nothing. Version: Apple Developer RelationsJul AM Engineering has requested the following information in order to further investigate this issue: Do you have icloud login enabled? Please provide your response or results by updating your bug report. Please compress any bundled files e. Apple Developer RelationsJul PM Engineering has determined that this issue behaves as intended based on the following: Autologin is not available for iCloud accounts.

    We are now closing this bug report. If you have questions regarding the resolution of this issue, please update your bug report with that information. Please be sure to regularly check new Apple releases for any updates that might affect this issue. I always had auto login enabled prior to this.

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