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The List Entries field will allow only characters. Be mindful of how many characters each entry has! Another way we can add entries to our custom list is to import the data. If you highlight it before going into that screen, it will automatically have the range for you selected and all you have to do is click on Import and Excel will include the text for you. If you didn't select the text, click on the box near the Import button and select the cells with the info for your new list.

Remember how we had limitations on how many characters can go in the List Entries box? Not when importing! The maximum size of the list is now approximately 2, characters!

Sort a list of data in Excel for Mac - Excel for Mac

To finish up this step click on Okay to close the box and Okay again to close the Excel Options box. A custom list can contain only text data. If you need to create a custom list with dates or numbers you will have to use the List Entries field. Some quick information you should know about your Custom Lists The settings are saved to the computer you are currently using. If you took the file from work and wanted to work on it at home then you would have to add that same custom list to your personal computer. Now if you used your custom list for sorting then it is embedded into your worksheet but it won't show up on your custom lists.

Alright, so our custom list is ready to use. Go to any cell and type in any entry from your list. Click on the small box on the bottom right corner, from that point in your list it will fill the series for you! Remember I said I'd show you how to use the other common lists? Well, at the top I type in Monday, click and drag the bottom box and Excel will auto fill it for you. One of the added features of having a custom list is that you can always sort by any one of the lists that is saved on your computer. Sorting can always include more than one column. If you want to add another level so that you sort by month first and then by the account, then you can click on Add Level you can include as many levels as necessary to suit your needs and define how you want your data displayed.

Finish this up by click on Okay. Your data is now sorted by that list! It's just that simple! The custom list function is best for those who want to save themselves a lot of time from having to cut and paste over and over again. If you know you have a set of fields that you are always going to use, why not try making a Custom List. Who knows, you might find that using it will save you more time than you thought Let him think that.

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In my job we have "areas" that are identified by numbers area , area , area , etc but I do not want the "area" in front of their when listing, I have tried adding it to the custom list but it will not work Yes, you can create a custom list of numbers as well as of words. You just have to enter your numbers either directly in the "List Entries" field of the "Custom Lists" dialog, or if you have the numbers in your Excel sheet, convert them to text by adding ' before each number e.

Office 2011 for Mac: Using the Custom Lists Feature in Excel

There is a delete button shown, but it does not highlight and will not work. My excel is arbitrarily changing "general" setting to "custom" date setting. I have a list with over rows. Say my page can fit 15 rows for print, but now it's printing one row and waste paper.

What would I do to automatically insert a break to go to the next column to fill the page with the numbers? Hi, I wanna delete multiple custom list, I have more than but I can't delete one by one is to much wasted of time. I would like to make a column in excel only compatible with a few entry options. How can I do this? Example: I want input one of three options into column C, Communications, Transportation, and Maintenance.

I don't ever want the column to have any other entries of any kind. Or just Mission Impossible.

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