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So when you compress a folder, mac does not exclude these hidden files by default.

How to compress folders on a mac without DS_Store files

This is problematic especially when you are developing a WordPress plugin or a theme and you need to submit the same to WordPress. These markets require you to cleanly zip your theme and plugins, that is compress without hidden files before you submit. This method involves the use of the terminal. It is basically a small command that you need to run on the terminal to compress a folder.

It can be difficult to remember the command if not used every other day. A shell script is a collection of commands that are stored in a file.

How can I compress a folder into multiple zip files? - Ask Different

Now in order to make our script globally accessible, we need to add this file to one of our global paths. It is always good to keep your scripts away from system scripts. So for this, we will add a custom path to our global paths first.

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The custom path will be used to store our shell script. This will open a new file in which we will define our custom path. You can simply copy paste the file or use the terminal to move the file.

Unzip Multiple Files to Same Folder as Zip files-No New Folder Created Free (Mac)

Move to the custom path directory and execute the below command. Creating a shell script is completely optional. This willl -c reate a g -z ipped archive named -f ile from the -C hange-folder-to directory and will contain all files in the folder Downloads.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Compress files from OS X terminal? Ask Question. Is it possible to do the same thing from the terminal? William Jockusch William Jockusch 1, 7 21 It's called zip 1.

How to Zip Files in Mac OS X

This adds the file file to the archive file. Dan Loewenherz 1 8. JacobRaccuia See superuser.

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To compress the files exactly as the Finder command would compress them use: The command: This is the best answer because it produces an identical zip, whereas CLI zip or tar is different and slightly smaller. A similar question with the same answer: