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No Other Heart Just To Put Me Down A Heart Like Hers Without Me My House By The Water. Even though the most famous Far Rockaways resident sold out 4 major New Yorker venues everyone feels as if he knows and owns a certain part of him.

His band knows what their strength is and and the slick instrumentation will still invite you into their weird but colorful lo-fi world. Although there is an aspect of his music that has changed to the prior records.

Album review: Mac Demarco 'Another One'

His words make up unusual love songs about his beloved one moving on after a breakup. DeMARCO shows a vunerable side of him that stands in contrast to his goofy personality and the dreamy instrumentation.

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Which is kind of funny, because then my quiet time turns into everybody time when I show somebody the songs. Wild-west imagery comes up in several songs, expanding on the title track to a whole dream world of cowboys, cowgirls, pretty cattle and little doggies.

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Made me a little bit ashamed to be from where I was from when I was young, to be honest. The simple life, out on the farm. I find that comforting. He and his longtime girlfriend have lived in L.

here DeMarco has worked hard to keep his distance from the record industry. He mentions seeing Tame Impala headline Coachella last month, a few hours after his own decidedly more low-rent performance in the desert. What does interest him right now, then?

I just got to figure out how to get to it. Yana Yatsuk for Rolling Stone. Newswire Powered by.