Compress pdf file mac mountain lion

Virtually identical. However, compression is not always so neat and clean. In some cases the quality will not be very good after being compressed. But, a lot of times it will be, and since Preview is right there on your Mac already, it is certainly worth a try. What a great thing. Scanned documents tend to loose to much quality. Do you know how to customize the compression? It used to be possible by adding custom filters in Color Sync witch would appear in the same menu as you described.

However in Sorry to say that I don't know how to do what you want. You are right, it seems that it's broken in Lion. Of course, the full Acrobat Pro lets you control the degree of compression, if you have it. Thanks very much for this tip, it really came in useful today!

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How to Compress a PDF File on Mac

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October 6, at am. Annette OS says:. April 13, at am. Salvolino says:. August 2, at pm. YuriV says:. July 23, at am. Borgendorf says:. February 27, at pm. I had a 4MB paper to turn in for class with lots of detailed images but it had to be less than 2MB when submitted. I created my own filter just as you described and it worked perfectly. My 4MB file was compressed to just KB and the images were still very clear. I tried a shareware app that does the same thing and it took about 4 -5 minutes while direct from preview took under 1 min. So of course I had to Google and found this handy post.

Took seconds and worked like a charm! It took the nearly 40 mb PDF and reduced it to […]. I use JotNot on the iPhone to capture receipts for expense reports, but the files are huge. Any ideas for somebody like me? ShrinkIt is unfortunately not useful either. Fantastic, thanks! Much obliged to you. This worked perfectly for me on Mountain Lion.

I export my pdf in preview to reduce the file size and the new saved file size is exactly the same size as the original? Your file size reduction filter worked beautifully.

Make your own Reduce File Size presets for PDF export - Mac OS X Hints

Just what I was looking for! Thank you very much!! Thank you thank you! Gmail wont let you send files larger than 25mb so this comes in handy. Thank you — this has been so helpful and I appreciate you for posting it here for the rest of us! I tried this in Yosemite and it took a I borrowed these setting suggestions from meyerweb. In my case, using OS X After doing that the new filter showed up in Preview. This resulted in a 1. This was so helpful for me when I was creating my image-heavy portfolio!

Thank you so much for a simple and elegant solution! E-mail required but not displayed. Management reserves the right to edit or remove any comment , especially when abusive or irrelevant to the topic at hand. If you're satisfied with what you've written, then go ahead Drop the unzipped.

Rename the filter to whatever will help you remember its purpose. Thursday, February 25th, pm Rob L.

How to Compress a PDF on Mac

This will come in handy for sure. Nice trick though, that should come in handy someday. Great technique.

Mind if I steal it for my conferences? PS — good luck in Seattle!