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RPCS3 - PS3 Emulator Linux/Setup Full Setup Guide (PlayStation 3 Emulation)

Welcome to the Hatari web site! Unlike many other Atari ST emulators which try to give you a good environment for running GEM applications, Hatari tries to emulate the hardware of a ST as close as possible so that it is able to run most of the old ST games and demos.

Hatari supports the emulation of most of the ST and STE hardware, including some special tricks like raster interrupts, border effects and PSG sample sound. The fact that OS X is a Unix operating system provides advantages in the development process.

The ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC emulator for MacOs, Linux and Windows.

I had to check every function for ABI compatibility and then test whether my wrapper works, so it wasn't as easy as it may sound. But of course, the project is an extremely difficult one. I also add trace statements into important functions to have an insight into what's happening.

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  • microM8 is an Apple II Emulator for Windows, macOS / OSX and Linux.
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I believe this is very much like what Wine developers do. It is rather unfortunate that Apple's documentation is often so poorly written; sometimes I have to experiment to figure out what the function really does. Many OS X applications seem to contain complete pieces of example code from Apple's documentation, presumably because one would have to spend a lot of time getting to understand how the APIs interact. This is why I appreciate open source so much—when the documentation is sketchy, you can always look into the code.

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Years of development are needed. All without purchasing a Windows license, running a virtual machine, or having to dual-boot your computer.

Arnold (Emulator)

CrossOver Linux doesn't have the overhead of the Windows OS like a virtual machine, which means apps run at native speed, games play at full fps, and programs gain Linux OS integration. Seamlessly run full-featured Windows software that is not available in the Google Play store alongside mobile apps.

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Games from your steam library will run with CrossOver Android at native speeds. Get rid of remote sessions and multiple devices!

Setup complete! You are now ready to build your first app!