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Your email address will not be published. In some cases, I've been able to find the correct shortcut. But I still haven't found one to move the cursor by one word.

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Thanks for commenting. I would love to do an article about all of the Mac shortcuts out there, but there are so many it would end up being a series article!

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Thanks again! Scroll down for the next article. Word will find "Newman Belinda" and replace it with "Belinda Newman. Select the Replace tab, and then select the Replace with box. Select Special , select a wildcard character, and then type any additional text in the Replace with box.

Making Ctrl+F Work Traditionally

That way you can confirm each replacement to make sure that it's correct. Word Online lets you find and replace basic text.

You can match case or fine whole words only. For more varied options, open your document in Word for the desktop. Next: Format text. Find and replace basic text In the upper-right corner of the document, in the search box , type the word or phrase that you want to find, and Word will highlight all instances of the word or phrase throughout the document.

How to Find and Replace on Excel on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

To replace found text: Select the magnifying glass, and then select Replace. In the Replace With box, type the replacement text. Select Replace All or Replace. In the Navigation Pane , select the magnifying glass. Find text with specific formatting and replace the formatting. At the top of the dialog box, select Replace. Find paragraph marks, page breaks, or other special characters. Find and replace paragraph marks, page breaks, or other special characters. Select the Use wildcards check box.

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Select Find Next. You can refine a search by using any of the following wildcard characters. To find Use this For example Any single character? Any single character except the characters inside the brackets [! Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve it?