Dual boot windows xp and mac os x leopard

Jump to: navigation , search. Please do not put your link anywhere; place it in the correct section. Category : Installation Guides. This page was last modified on 4 July , at This page has been accessed 9,, times. Boot Camp reformats the flash drive as a Mac bootable install disk, and combines Windows 10 with install scripts to load hardware drivers for the targeted Mac computer. Boot Camp currently supports Windows 10 on a range of Macs dated mid or newer. By default, Mac will always boot from the last-used startup disk.

When using a non-Apple keyboard, the alt key usually performs the same action. Apple lists the following requirements for Mac OS X Officially, the earliest Macintosh models that support Windows 8 are the mid MacBook Air , inch-mid or 15 and inch-mid MacBook Pro , mid Mac Mini , inch-mid or inch-mid iMac , and early Mac Pro.

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If so, then you should be able to acess files from the Windows partition when using OSX. I think the people talking about illegal copies of windows seem to have little experience with the licensing. A copy of a Windows installer is just that, without the serial number and your certificate of authenticity its just an installer. One way Apple sells nada, the other way Apple sells Hardware and software no matter what software you install. Financially- everyone wins with XP on Mac, noone wins but the 3rd partys when you put OSX on generic X86 except the bargain basement builders. What I see here is the perfect marriage between good hardware and software.

The Macs are extremely well designed and the OS is pretty nifty to boot to say the least. What i would like to see is an end to all poorly designed computers out there: The boring, classical, drab coloured boxes that sit on most of our desks. Think about what this could mean in the future…. Ans: 1. The software is very easy to use and steps are self explanatory.

After the reboot you should see the partition layout according to the guide. Follow the guide. This is not my production desktop. I for one welcome our new dual boot overlords, fiestacast-a-licious. I like to check my email on the internet sometimes. You can also currently run windows xp as an application within osx on an intel mac. Sort of wacky huh? I even have a blog about it online….

Do you see a question mark for a split second right before the shiny Apple logo appears? Thanks for the post. Or Down! Has anyone tried to install the new Pretty neat solution I agree, though there is a better one. The beta testing process seems to be very feedback orientated, with a new beta appearing regularly. There promising the ability to run the virtual machines in full screen, as well as have multiple machines open.

Machines fire up in under 20secs a little longer for fedora- what with it running through all its startup gubbins. Once machine is up and running both it and OS X run smoothly. It has better resolution. I think it will work even better with Vista. Hello Has someone found other drivers for the macbook intel? I am going to buy a mac book i think is good enough but i just wanted to know about the games, if a create the partition in my hard drive i could play the games without a problem using windows?

Having a dual boot Mac is the ultimate setup in my opinion. Hello guys i would like ask u question one thing. Can i boot to window on my laptop is ibook g4. Do u think my laptop going work?? Russcal: yes, you can dual boot xp and osx on macbooks too!


How to Dual Boot a Macbook Pro with Windows XP Using Boot Camp

Tried to use USB Keyboard it still dose the samething. The installation requirements among other things are, latest firmware update for your intel mac from apple, and you can only install winxp sp2 no sp1 or earlier. Do we need 2gb ram on the Macbook black to run windows with parallels along with mac os. Will it be really slow if I keep it with 1gb. Do I need to updgrade to 2gb.

Please respond back asap. Jerry, Definitely you should go for 2GB. Seeing this article.. I bought the Mac Book Pro for a few reasons being able to dual boot. I need to use both OS for different reasons, for my business and for hobbies. My only concerns with my new contact is the VPN software the company provides.

I tend to run XP in fullscreen mode boot powered by Parallels. Then, I can restart XP if desired. I am new to mac so if I am missing something can someone tell me cause this is getting to my head right now!

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I think I need some help!!! Got 1 problem, i got a macbook. And i run win xp on it. Had to do a reinstall on my Mac Pro after upgrading the hard disk drives, so thought I would try putting XP on it before i put OSX back on it ready for work again.

I just used the XP CD from my very old Sony Laptop back in the day when they did give out an XP CD and after a few hours managed to get it on after reading though various guids on the internet. I have read many posts from programers on the net voicing frustration that OSX is not especially optimized as it could be for speed………maybe they could actually be some truth in it.

I went ahead and partitioned my disk. When I am on the mac side, is there anyway to edit the files on XP side? I am able to see, even open the files, but I am unable to write new ones to the XP from mac. You need to test whatever you did on windows or if someone has an issue you need to be them and test it. Hey man, thank a million.!! Tutorial in conjunction with another one I found worked awesome!! We have examine some great stuff right here. Worth bookmarking for revisiting.

White Macbook 13" - Dual-Boot with Windows XP & Mac OSX Leopard

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I have for the longest time thought this would be a great idea, and I still do, but lately I have been thinking about the cost of the hardware. I have been leaning toward Linux recently since it is basically free other than time invested. The blog has some great links that go into drivers as well as other software projects that are already sprouting up around the installation of Windows on Mac hardware.

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Who would have thought this would ever happen. I never could have thought it.


For users, for Apple and for Microsoft. Being able to dual or even tri-boot intel Macs actually any single hardware would be a bliss. Imagine having seamlessly, legally and with full support booting a single machine with OSX, Windows and Linux. And if they can find this X factor that hooks the Mac users then this might even trigger a mass migration from windows to Macs.