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Post edited by Unknown User on June I don't understand it. I keep thinking it must be the disc. I need the new update in order to install my High Loft expansion because it won't install without it. I had the World Adventures expansion and it was overriding anything else I wanted to install, so I uninstalled everything and just installed my Sims 3 and my Generations and left my World Adventures out because I thought it was just a faulty disc.

Now I'm wondering if my entire Sims 3 disc isn't the faulty one. I've had my Sims 3 disc since Sims 3 first came out The problem is that the TS3EP05 folder somehow got deleted. I checked and I couldn't see it. Luckily I had another computer with this folder so I copied it over. If you don't happen to have another computer, there is a way to get the patcher to stop checking the file, however. Keep in mind that this SHA1 error only happens if the file is modified like pirating the game or if the file doesn't exist.

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I don't know why the folder disappears. SHA1 is a number that is assigned to a file and is generated every time it is modified. Copy the folder called The Sims 3 to your desktop by holding option then dragging it. Then reinstall. After reinstall click on Go and then Go to Folder again go to the Finder first!

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Drag in The Sims 3 from the desktop back into the folder replacing the existing one click replace all if it is available and try updating. Almecestris Posts: 8. January edited January I only have up to Generations. Does this error mean that I have to get Pets I don't really want to to update the game properly? I just want to update because I can't install a downloaded house a Curtis Paradis original, what's up Curtis!

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I don't want to re-install the game until someone can verify that it would fix it even without the Pets expansion. Help please and thanks! Nichaedemus wrote:. Hi, For Mac players who are unable to patch via the launcher, you can manually download and apply the following standalone version 1. To find out the game region being used, you will need to access the skuversion information.

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To find the base game skuversion information under Mac OS X, use Finder and navigate to where the base game has been installed. By default this will be in the Applications folder. Now right-click on the base game icon and select "Show Package Contents. Now look for a file named info.

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The last digit of the version number will be the game region 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7. After you are done viewing, close the file without saving it. Hey guys, i have the same problem, I noticed the links to download the 1. Because i've install the 1.

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I really appreciate if you can help me. NotSoLucky Posts: 4, Member. March edited March I have a PC but mine says error file not found. I downloaded now were to I put the download. Houston, I have a region code problem! Assuming you have not somehow modified the region code for your base game from its original value, the region 2 Super Patcher should be the one for you.

April edited April Hmmm… Anyone notice the very last update fix? Also… if you go to main page and look at the new item regarding the update… It says it was posted at 4 pm … Right now as I am typing this… it is pm EST … hmmm… Early news leak? From a Message on thesims3.

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The entire site will be down for several hours — including the forums, Exchange, and The Sims 3 Store. We thank you for your patience. I think that is because forums have a different time stamp. If you look at current posts they are at pm.

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I am going to wait and see what Twallan says. Not sure if he can squeeze in all the updated mods in two days. But then again who knows! Dont want anything going wrong with my saved game. I wonder if this fixes the pets not being furry… And also the crashes to desktop which never have been this bad before! Maybe they are going to push out Master Suite early but still have the official launch in January?

Odd that the site is going down all of a sudden, something is def up??? EA would not pull the whole site down just for new Premium Content and an update would they??? Hmmm I dont see difrance.

EA should focus on repair their last expansions and base game before they make another addons for game. Now Im afroid to buy anything from them. Ah yes someone that understands me EA should make a patch which will keep crashes from occurring.