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Here's the system info:. Siedlerchr radeksimik 4. Here is my info:. I want to see if it uses the version now. If it doesn't work, would you be so kind to restart your computer and try again? I upgraded to 9. But what happens now is that the launcher sees the invalid version 9 and tries the other locations. In the end, it uses your 1. I am finally at peace now that all is well with my JabRef world! I just received a message from Install4J support that I posted in the chat.

Their suggestions would indeed explain the weird behavior we saw. I would really like to verify this. I get the same message as aniruhil when executing the command. I believe the following happened:. What I would like to know is, if either you aniruhil or you martinweiss would first completely delete the old JabRef and then just grab the latest dmg from the master branch , does it work as well? You can install JabRef in a whole different directory, without deleting the old one.

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That should work too. I just did, halirutan , and it installed and launched as expected. In the end, we could clearly identify what went wrong. It's summarized in my previous comment. Having the same problem now. Should have continued ignoring the update request ;- LOL. Realising it isn't your fault. I'll go through what I had and did. Hi all. I ask this because quitting and opening doesn't give me the JabRef icon for the dock, and "Java" is displayed in the Main title bar at top no screen. Any thoughts on when the problem will be fixed?

I don't mind - the software is working, that's what matters. Dapscoptyltd Quick questions like this can additionally be asked in our Gitter chat. You are correct, the. We are currently taking steps to get the application signing working again so that installing the dmg get's easier. The real OS X application that is installed through the dmg will take care of icons in the dock and in the application bar. I just installed the new 4.

I suspect that the problem must be in some settings that are kept from the previous version - the installer says that it removes the previous JabRef version, but apparently it is doing something else, because removing JabRef by hand and re-installing it fixes the problem please disregard my comments if you have already discussed this here, I just skimmed the comments, it's a lot of text.

How to downgrade Java 7 to Java 6 on Mac OS X - YouTube

Just wanted to let you know there's still a problem. I had the same problem of florianharting: and after uninstalling the older version of JabRef and installing the new one, it works perfectly. Ran into the same issue when updating from JabRef 4. Problem persists when latest version of JRE was installed.

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Solved the issue mainly by deleting the whole JabRef. The latest installation app claimed it was uninstalling the original app but it did not change the configuration file. Confirming the same behavior on macOS High Sierra. HI all. Just a note to developers.

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I installed the last version you deployed and on my Mac, with High Sierra Talk soon. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply. LinusDietz added the macOS label Dec 29, This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. LinusDietz added the waiting-for-customer-feedback label Dec 29, Okay, can you try compiling jabref from the sources? Thanks again for the prompt help. Do you not have an archive that would allow me to use JabRef again?

Siedlerchr referenced this issue Jan 5, Closed Revert java mac version to 0 of 6 tasks complete.

Sounds to me like an install4j problem This would be my second idea, because we updated the install4j version, too. Damn, okay, as I don't own a Mac I have no further ideas what the problem could be.

OK, no mystical Java entry there either. One last question. Here it is I believe the following happened: You had an old JabRef installation that did contain this directory and a JRE inside it This JRE will always be used as default if it is available It would explain why aniruhil had a mysterious Java version 1. If you just install a new dmg without deleting the old one, it seems that the old JRE was kept What I would like to know is, if either you aniruhil or you martinweiss would first completely delete the old JabRef and then just grab the latest dmg from the master branch , does it work as well?

Can we close this or do we have to act in some way, still? Sequence today at 31 March With Java 7? Security settings initially refused to install - manual override clicked. Followed install and selected "Run JabRef". JRE error as above shown in "nathanielolin commented on 5 Jan" post. Same error. Load Java 8 Build Same error as above. Come here. Enter state user - mild panic.

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Christopher Perry March 25, Uninstall Java To uninstall Java from a Mac, you will remove one directory and one file, as follows: 1. Press enter. You may be prompted to enter your computer password before continuing. Install the older release of Java Java 8 Update 7.

How To Uninstall Java From El Capitan, Sierra & High Sierra

You may need to scroll down the page to locate this particular version 8. You will be prompted for a user name and password before downloading Java.

You may create your own account or use ours. User Name: support planwithvoyant. Click the installation file. Double-click the icon to begin the installation.